Conveyancing Fees

Our fees exclusive of VAT and disbursements are based upon the sale or purchase price of the property and vary according to whether the property is a Freehold or Leasehold house not subject to a service charge or a Leasehold house or flat subject to a service charge.£50.00 plus Vat extra if Leasehold.

Freehold House Not Subject to a Service Charge


£0-£50,000                     £450.00 plus VAT

£50,001-£100,000                              £500.00 plus VAT

£100,001-£125,000    £525.00 plus VAT
£125,001-£150,000 £550.00 plus VAT

£150,001-£200,000                             £600.00 plus VAT

£200,001-£250,000                             £650.00 plus VAT

£250,001-£300,000                             £700.00 plus VAT

£300,001-£350,000                             £750.00 plus VAT

£350,001-£400,000                             £800.00 plus VAT

£400,001-£450,000                             £825.00 plus VAT

£450,001-£500,000                             £900.00 plus VAT

Above £500,000 – To be assessed individually

What Is Included

All of the above figures include on a purchase investigating title and raising enquiries of the Sellers Solicitors based on the documents received, arranging and submitting all searches connected with the transaction and checking the results of searches reporting to you regarding the title of the property and other matters we have discovered through our enquiries and searches and attending upon your signing the necessary documentation where you are able to attend our offices to do so.  All client care formalities such as obtaining evidence of identity and address and checking these and opening your matter on computer and in our records.  We will also carry out the exchanging of Contracts and completion with the Sellers or Buyers Solicitors and attend to the registration of your ownership of the property and the registration of any Legal Charge at the Land Registry as well as submitting a Stamp Duty Land Tax Return.  Upon completion of your registration as Proprietor of the property we will advise you of this and arrange for you to collect any documentation which you should retain for future reference or which may be needed on a future sale.

On a sale of a property our work includes obtaining completed Property Information Forms and Fittings and Contents Forms from you, obtaining any title documentation and supporting documents from you and preparing a Contract for sending to the Buyers Conveyancers with supporting documentation including ordering up to date Official Copies from the Land Registry.  We will deal with any enquiries raised by the Buyers Conveyancers and obtain your replies to these before replying to the enquiries.  We will attend upon your signing of your Contract and Transfer documentation if you are able to attend our offices to do this.  We will then attend to exchange of Contracts and completion of your transaction and report to you regarding completion and account to you for any net proceeds of sale either by way of a solicitors clients account cheque or at an additional cost by bank transfer to a bank account in your name for which you have to produce evidence of ownership satisfactory to us.  We will also attend to the repayment of your Mortgage on any property sale from the proceeds of sale.


VAT is charged on the fees referred to above at the rate prevailing at the time that the work is carried out and the current rate (as at December 2018) is 20%.


These are the additional costs of Conveyancing which have to be paid to the office by us on your behalf.

On a Sale they would include:-

Fee for Official Copies of Land Registry Entries and Title Plan       £  6.00

Bank Transfer fee on redeeming your Mortgage                                £15.00

Bank Transfer fee on transferring net sale proceeds to you

unless you will accept our Solicitors Clients Account cheque            £15.00

Fee for additional copy documents from Land Registry (each)         £  3.00


On a Purchase (in Hyndburn) Search fees will vary in different areas:

Local Search fee (can be upto £100.00 in different areas)                 £62.50

Coal Mining Search fee                                                                      £41.20

Water and Drainage Search fee                                                          £30.00

Land Registry Search fee (per Title)                                                   £  3.00

Land Charges Bankruptcy Search fee (per person)                            £  2.00

Land Registry fee (variable according to purchase price and

whether Title is registered) from                              from £20.00 to £910.00

Bank Charges for Transfer of completion monies or Deposit (per transaction)                                                                £15.00

Stamp Duty Land Tax – see below

There will be an additional charge of £20.00 plus VAT for the work involved in setting up and making any payments or transfers by Bank Transfer where our client account cheque will not be accepted by yourselves any Mortgage Lender.  We do not charge for any such payments made to complete your purchase.