Rosthorns aim to offer a sensitive and friendly service for those seeking advice and assistance in relation to probate matters.

In the difficult times when you have lost a loved one you need someone who can advise you on what you need to be doing and on how you can deal with sorting out the financial affairs of the person who has died.

Probate matters include:

  • Application for Probate
  • Application for letters of Administration

We can offer either a full service where we will realize all of the assets, distribute them to the correct people and deal with the taxman or merely deal with the obtaining of the Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration so that you can then realize the assets and distribute them according to the will or the law yourself.

If you wish to speak to someone confidentially about a Probate matter please do not hesitate to contact:

David Rosthorn on 01254 398213 or 01254 871406

View our Probate range of costs – HERE